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      Danyang City Auto Parts Fifth Factory specializes in producing all kind…
    The company is mainly matched with Shaanxi Heavy-duty Automobile Co., Ltd. The main products are: sunshade, front and rear fenders, engine pads and various plastic accessories. The quality and supply of the products are recognized by the OEM in time. Appraised as a qualified supplier and issued a qualified supplier certificate. Our factory passed ISO9001-2000 quality system… more
      Resource integration and development strategy of heavy truck industry c…
    For the heavy truck industry, the current focus is not on expanding production capacity, extending the industrial chain, and doing large-scale problems, but on solving problems such as repeated investment, overheated production, insufficient innovation capability, and low profits. In the era of knowledge economy and information, with the acceleration of the globalization proce… more
      How do we maintain the car interior?
    Car maintenance has always been an important step in the use of cars. The maintenance of the car can effectively guarantee our driving safety. How do we focus on maintaining our car? Leather protection: The professional car beauty shop is equipped with a complete set of leather care objects, which are operated with different objects for different parts. In addition, professi… more
      Congratulations on the successful revision of our website!
    Congratulations on the successful revision of our website! The company was founded in 1984. After more than 20 years of hard work, it has developed into an area of 12,000 square meters, 20 million yuan in fixed assets, 50 million yuan in annual sales, 52 employees, and engineering. With 10 technicians and advanced process equipment, the company's leaders pay great attention to… more