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    How do we maintain the car interior?
    [ Published:2018/5/30  Read:349 times  Source:dyqipei ]

    Car maintenance has always been an important step in the use of cars. The maintenance of the car can effectively guarantee our driving safety. How do we focus on maintaining our car?


    Leather protection: The professional car beauty shop is equipped with a complete set of leather care objects, which are operated with different objects for different parts. In addition, professional leather protection has certain requirements on the dosage of detergents and maintenance agents, because the excess liquid will remain on the surface of the leather to absorb the dust in the air and purify the interior environment.


    Steam sterilization: professional steam sterilization, in addition to the thorough low-temperature sterilization of the air inside the car, it also focuses on the sterilization of air conditioner outlets, seats, velvet and other parts that are easy to accumulate dust and bacteria, ensuring complete Killing aphids, molds and microbes that are invisible to the naked eye, protecting the health of the family and themselves.


    Instrument control panel: The meter control panel is the easiest to accumulate dust, and there are many dead angles. The owner can use the brush when cleaning, and clean the instrument panel, air conditioning air inlet, switch, button, etc. every day to prevent dust from accumulating and difficult to remove. If the metering panel is dirty, use a special instrument panel cleaner and wipe it clean with a clean soft cloth. After cleaning, a layer of table wax can be sprayed.


    The above is the maintenance experience shared for everyone, I hope everyone can better protect their car.

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